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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

Groupware Authoring - Get all your e-Learning Team in sync, wherever they are located.
Easy Authoring - Our totally WYSIWYG tool is 100% programming free.
Stunning output - Composica produces exciting visual effects and seamlessly integrates Viewlets.

Sample Courses

Sample Courses

These sample courses were created to demonstrate the versatility and creative freedom Composica Enterprise offers to e-learning authors.

Office Ergonomics

A short sample course demonstrating creative design and rich interactivity.

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Activities and Interactions

A course demonstrating the variety and flexibility of activities and interactions in Composica Enterprise.

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Composica Introduction

A PowerPoint-style sample, highlighting some of Composica's features and strengths.

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Mind Games Samples - Enjoy!

Mind Games are an excellent way to conduct tests and assessments in an engaging, friendlier, more motivational environment.

Master Plumber Trivia

Solve a fun puzzle by rotating pipes and answering trivia questions.

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Deep Space

Enjoy exploding clusters of Space Bubbles while answering question bubbles.

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Astronomy Hops

Help a frog get to the other side of the pond by answering Astronomy questions.

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Game Show

Participate in a lively game show featuring a host and lifelines.

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