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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

Groupware Authoring - Get all your e-Learning Team in sync, wherever they are located.
Easy Authoring - Our totally WYSIWYG tool is 100% programming free.
Stunning output - Composica produces exciting visual effects and seamlessly integrates Viewlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it the authoring environment or the content that is browser-based?

Am I losing functionality because it is browser-based?

Does Composica require programming?

Do I have to build advanced functionality on every page or every section separately?

Can I embed content from other display formats/ programs?

Does Composica include pre-defined/designed themes and templates?

Can team members work simultaneously on the same project?

Can the graphic designer work after or during content insertion?

Can the project manager monitor the project's progress?

Do I have to compile a project in order to preview it?

What is the typical learning curve?

Can the course run offline or from a CD?

Does Composica include multi-lingual support?

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