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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

Groupware Authoring - Get all your e-Learning Team in sync, wherever they are located.
Easy Authoring - Our totally WYSIWYG tool is 100% programming free.
Stunning output - Composica produces exciting visual effects and seamlessly integrates Viewlets.

Product Comparison

Composica Enterprise
Web-based Competitor
Desktop Competitor
New in Composica 15
No installation required for developers
Collaborative Web-Based infrastructureLimited
WYSIWYG authoring environment
Central repository for learning objects
Central repository for media
Content reusabilityLimited
Inheritance of styles and layouts
Entirely programming-free
Workflow management and tasks
Familiar windows-like look and feel
Embedding of media and documents Limited
Central installation and maintenance
No installation required for developers
PowerPoint Integration
Improved workflow management & tasks Limited
Special Contributer role for SME Limited
Universal Media Player
Smart Content Preloading Limited
Social Authoring
Dashboards and Team Visibility
Development Blogs, comments, RSS
Built-in Chat
Resources Tagging
Social Learning
Course Blogs
Course Comments
Embedded RSS Feeds
Authoring aids
Built-in Spell Checking
Alignment tools
Spacing/distribution tools
Size matching tools
Built-in vector graphics tools
Media explorer
Mashup Widgets
YouTube Movies
Google Charts
Multiple Search Engines
Navigation is based on course structure
Various dynamic navigation elementsLimited
Links to external pages
Links to internal pages
Games Based Learning    
Multiple choice questionLimitedLimited
Drag and DropLimited
Fill in the blankLimited
Hot Spots Limited
Visual effects
Questions can be randomized
Questions answers can be randomized
Immediate or delayed feedback
Questions can be drawn from a pool
Configurable score weights
Question can be any interaction
Control of partial answer handling
Built-in Narration Recording Limited
Automatic Narration Sequencing Limited
Closed Captioning for disabled learners
Multi-lingual support
Multi-byte character support
Enhanced bi-directional support
Publish online as HTML5
Publish offline (CD, desktop)
Content can be run without a plug-in Limited
SCORM 1.2 compliant
SCORM 2004 compliant Limited
Integration with a third party LMS
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