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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

1. Groupware Authoring - Get all your e-Learning Team in sync, wherever they are located.
2. Easy Authoring - Our totally WYSIWYG tool is 100% programming free.
3. Stunning output - Composica produces exciting visual effects and seamlessly integrates Viewlets.

Product Info

Create a Symphony from your e-Learning data.

Composica is a web-based e-Learning authoring system.

Like a Symphony, Composica orchestrates your e-Learning development, enabling your team to work together like an orchestra, to deliver the best courses.

Composica empowers organizations by enabling the creation of compelling and highly interactive e-Learning content. It revolutionizes the way in which content is created and managed by allowing real-time collaboration and providing rich development features without the need for any programming.

Composica focuses on the authoring segment of the e-Learning market. But unlike traditional authoring tools, Composica introduces a new groupware-platform approach to the authoring process. The entire course development process is managed in a centralized workgroup environment facilitated by the web-based architecture.

Authors. Designers. Subject matter experts. Reviewers. Whether they sit in the same office or are a world apart, Composica is both an excellent e-Learning project management tool and a top-grade groupware environment. Each team member can access the centrally-located project using only a web browser, and work simultaneously in real-time collaboration with the others.

Composica is fully SCORM compliant. It integrates seamlessly with any standard Learning Management System to pass on performance data. It also helps create extended course-related metadata that your LMS can use to better categorize and distribute the content for future use.
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