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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

1. Stunning output – Engage your audience with customizable Flash quizzes & surveys.
2. Easy to use – ViewletQuiz’s intuitive interface equals super fast creation time.
3. Measurable results – Easily get & evaluate response data with ViewletCentral (free to start).

Features & Benefits

Product Highlights: Why ViewletQuiz?

ViewletQuiz is the best choice for anyone who wants to create the most sophisticated and interactive Flash quiz or survey.
ViewletQuiz enables the most sophisticated, fun and interactive quiz or survey you could possibly imagine. Customization no longer means just choosing from a pre-defined set of templates or using different colors or text fonts. With ViewletQuiz, you can truly create your own “style”. In addition to supporting a wide variety of question types, you can choose from many different styles for your check boxes, radio buttons, ratings or combo boxes. You can import and insert various actions such as the playing of a sound or movie, including Viewlets. You have full control of the timing of objects and can have them appear and disappear as you like. And these are just to name a few. The stunning content you create will fully engage your audience.


ViewletQuiz is the best choice for busy professionals who want to create quality content using minimal time and effort.
With ViewletQuiz, not only can you create striking quality output, but working with the tool itself is so easy that anyone, regardless of his or her technical aptitude, will master the tool in just a few hours. This is due to an extremely user friendly and intuitive graphical interface that is well defined and organized.


ViewletQuiz is the best choice for anyone requiring comprehensive user response data.
Integration with ViewletCentral, Qarbon’s revolutionary server-based reporting system, makes ViewletQuiz the ultimate choice for those who need to collect detailed user response information and access it at any time. Reports include (but not limited to) the number of views, number of completions, average score, highest score and lowest score, and the viewer's answer to each question. The data can be easily exported to tools such as Excel for further analysis so you can make important decisions based on those results.


ViewletQuiz is the best choice for anyone seeking a product from a credible vendor with a successful track record.
Qarbon has played a big part in the publishing revolution since its establishment in 1997 and has built a very credible reputation among enterprises and individuals alike. Qarbon’s primary focus has always been in making the best on-line presentation software in terms of quality, power and ease of use. With its rich feature-set and optimized architecture designed to make everything even more simple and convenient for the authors, ViewletQuiz once again emphasizes Qarbon’s commitment to excellence.




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