Viewlet Gallery

What are the main benefits of Viewlets?
  • First of all: What are Viewlets? - Viewlets are Flash based animations created using one of Qarbon's software applications, either ViewletQuiz, ViewletBuilder or ViewletCam.
  • Inexpensive to create - You don't have to spend a whole lot to create the most stunning presentations or surveys. And our tools are easy to use.
  • Easy to create - It takes less than 15 minutes to create your first Viewlet. Guaranteed.
  • Simple to publish - Just 'One-Click' is all you need to publish on Qarbon's ViewletCentral and you can make your Viewlets instantly available to anyone you choose. This is a feature unique to Qarbon!
  • Valuable data - Through Qarbon's ViewletCentral, you can retrieve extensive reports on your Viewlets' usage. It's perfect for Quizzes and Surveys.
Who uses Viewlets?
  • Sales & Marketing Personnel - Imagine graphical, animated surveys to query your customers. Nothing is more compelling to a potential customer than watching a product in action, realizing how it works and visualizing himself using it. Where brochures and lengthy text explanations fail, Viewlets succeed.
  • Trainers & Educators - Trainers incorporate Viewlets into the curriculum, giving viewers access to a cost effective 24-hour self-help resource. And with the power of ViewletQuiz, they design compelling quizzes which integrate into the courses.
  • Support & Help Desk Staff- Support professionals deploy Viewlets as answers to FAQs, drastically reducing the volume of support calls.

But don't take our word for it. Discover for yourself just how powerful Viewlets are by clicking on the links below.

Sample Viewlets
Screenshot of the Application Interface
Composica Oveview
Cisco used Viewlets to teach personnel its global real estate management system
Live Capture training tutorials created with ViewletBuilder7
Create a series of Viewlets that all launch from a single Flash file
I and A Research
I and A Research used Viewlets to explain how to get started using their products.
IBM uses Viewlets to train users how to use their Support Site.
Oracle uses Viewlets to train employees and customers on all of their products.
Agent Web Ranking
Qarbon - Preview & Publish
Sony's Viewlets provide customers with animated online tutorials to show customers how to accomplish common tasks.
Agent Web Ranking uses Viewlet technology to produce visually engaging help documentation and training videos.
Qarbon uses Viewlets to provide customers with a visually dynamic explanation of common support questions.
Eurocontrol - Remedy Demo
Installing a USB Hard Drive
Academy Awards Quz
Eurocontrol's text to speech Viewlets provide their employees support on using Remedy.
Installing your New USB External Hard Drive is a Viewlet to provide customers with a visually dynamic explanation of common support questions
Quiz users on their knowledge of the Academy Awards
Do you have a Viewlet masterpiece you'd like to see featured in our Viewlet Gallery? If so, send it our way!