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Meetings and presentations are critical for information exchange and decision-making within every business, but getting everyone in the same room is often very difficult.

That’s why Qarbon makes it possible to quickly and easily convert your existing PowerPoint files into online content so you can securely share your presentations to a broader audience.

Use ViewletCam to record and share every aspect of your presentation including animations, transitions, audio, and video.

ViewletCam is the only reliable solution that reproduces any PowerPoint effect. Many conversion tool on the market lose some or many PowerPoint features.

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Eliminate the time, cost, and complexity of creating virtual tours of real estate properties by doing them yourself.

ViewletBuilder is designed for business professionals, not technicians, enabling anyone to quickly and easily create their own professional-looking virtual home tours so they can:
  • Sell properties faster: Present real estate properties to prospective buyers in an attractive and effective manner.
  • Maximize selling time: Pre-qualify prospects by eliminating those not interested in the property.
  • Save time and money: Reduce the time, cost, and effort needed to produce high- quality visual property tours.
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Present a dynamic representation of a website complete with Flash movies and other animations without a web connection.

Use ViewletBuilder to create a Viewlet to provide a visual “walk-through” of a website. Then, use ViewletCam to create a Viewlet that captures animations or videos contained on that website. Next, link the two Viewlets together. In ViewletBuilder5, we now support embedded SWF objects as well if you didn't want to link them.

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Instantly get valuable data from your audience with online polls. ViewletPoll is the quickest and easiest way to create and display dynamic online polls in minutes to:
  • Measure customer satisfaction.
  • Get instant feedback on website changes.
  • Learn what your audience thinks about a proposed change to your service.
  • Gather user feedback on a new product feature.

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