Create Professional-looking Videos of Your PC Screen Activity!

ViewletCam by Qarbon - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Effortlessly ViewletCam by Qarbon - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Effortlessly
ViewletCam by Qarbon - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Effortlessly

Top 3 Reasons to Buy

ViewletCam - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Engage your audience - Present dynamic, full-motion content with audio, narration, and interactivity.
ViewletCam - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Anyone can do it - If you can click Record, you can create your own compelling simulations.
ViewletCam - Convert Powerpoint to Flash Full PowerPoint recording - Effortlessly record any PPT file and publish to the Web in minutes.

Features & Benefits

Easily record full-motion video from your PC Screen
Create dynamic simulations, demos, and presentations by recording PC applications, PowerPoint presentations, animations, and video in real-time directly from your PC screen.

Effectively capture and share any PowerPoint file
ViewletCam's PowerPoint Add-in makes it even easier to quickly record every aspect of your PowerPoint presentation including animations, transitions, audio, and video.

Create small, secure files
Produce streaming Flash files that are small in size and secure from unauthorized modifications to your content.

Add voice-overs and music to your presentation
Connect with your audience by walking them through a complex process. Easily record CD-quality, stereo enabled, voice-overs or background music directly into the Viewlet itself.
Edit and Enhance

Interact with your audience
Engage your viewers by adding interactive functions to your movie without any programming skills. Interactive features include:

  • Hyperlinks
    Link to frames within your Viewlet, other websites or other Viewlets.
  • Start, stop, and pause controls
    Start, stop, and pause at anytime during playback of your Viewlet.

Provide additional info with text
Draw attention to your video with attractive, customizable callouts and text boxes to explain concepts or highlight specific actions in a process.

Easily edit your content without re-recording
Simply cut out unneeded portions of your movie or seamlessly merge two video clips together.


Reach a broader audience with multiple publishing formats
Share your demos, presentations, and tutorials to more people by publishing it on the Web or via e-mail or on CD. File outputs include:

  • FLV
  • AVI
  • SWF
  • Animated GIF
  • EXE


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