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Workshop Information

ViewletBuilder8 Workshops

Composica 8 - Core Skills Essentials

This workshop delivers ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise essential basic skills training using a ‘hands-on’ approach from a Viewlet Author’s perspective during two 90-minute sessions over a two-day period.

The Workshop Experience…

At the start of the first session, an experienced Qarbon trainer guides Viewlet Authors through the GUI, examining key features. New project types are next with first-hand looks of some ‘quick project’ creation examples. Authoring skills are honed while creating/editing a simple Viewlet using Smart Capture. At the session’s end, targeted homework is assigned. After a one-day break, the second session picks up with a quick homework review (Q&A) and continues with adding more interactivity to the project, finishing up with previewing and publishing.

The Wrap-Up & After…

At the end of the workshop, key points are summarized and a final Q&A session held. Training is concluded as students are given some best practice tips and next steps to help them further hone their Viewlet Authoring skills--post workshop!

Session One

  • What is ViewletBuilder8 Enterprise
  • Explore the GUI (Preferences, Toolbars, Tabs)
  • Understand Stylesheets
  • Review Project Types & Quick ‘Mini-Project’ Examples
  • Create a Basic Screen Capture Project (Smart Capture)
  • Save/Archive a Project
  • View Slide Select vs. Time Select Mode (Timeline)
  • Edit the Project (Cursors, Balloons, Notes, Text Boxes)
  • Create Interactive Title/Summary Slides (Shapes, Buttons, Links)
  • Session Summary & Homework Assignments

Session Two

  • Homework Review (Q&A)
  • Add Basic Quiz & Survey Slides/Elements
  • Get a Peek at Audio/Closed Captions, Fade Animations, Zoom Zones, etc.
  • Complete (Smart Capture) Project Edits
  • Configure Pre-Publishing Options (Project Properties)
  • Preview & Publish the Viewlet
  • A Quick Tour of ViewletCentral
  • Workshop Wrap-Up

This workshop explores Composica’s key features through the eyes of a courseware developer via two 90-minutes sessions over a two-day period.

What can you expect from this workshop?

A Qarbon trainer starts the first session with an overview of Composica 8, its social authoring tools and then dives right into course creation. At the session’s end, homework is assigned. Following a one-day break, the second session continues with course/page design elements followed by pre-publishing, previewing and publishing options.

What happens next?

Once the workshop is completed, the Qarbon trainer summarizes key points then leads a final Q&A session. Training is concluded as students are armed with some best practice tips and next steps to help them build on the basic core skills they acquired during this Composica 8 workshop.

Session One

  • What is Composica
  • Roles (Access Permissions)
  • The Dashboard & Social Authoring
  • Creating a New Project
  • The Project Manager
  • Resources (Master/Dynamic Layers, Widgets, Standalones)
  • Outline Tree Course Structure
  • Tasks Manager
  • The Design View
  • Text Tools (Inserting/Editing, Narration, Spell Check)
  • Style Rules (Classes and Elements)
  • Session Summary & Homework Assignments

Session Two

  • Homework Review (Q&A)
  • The Media Explorer
  • Ordering, Aligning and Distributing Elements
  • Audio Options & Narration
  • Working with Widgets
  • Animating Elements with Sequence Manager
  • Basic Interactivity via Hotspots and Links
  • Embedding Multimedia (MP4, Flash, YouTube)
  • Activities & Tests
  • Pre-Publishing (Runtime Properties & Views)
  • Preview & Publish
  • Workshop Wrap-up

ViewletBuilder workshops start at ONLY $199 per person and Composica workshops start at ONLY $299 per person. Each workshop is limited to 10 students, so you are sure to be up-to-speed in no time in your application of choice. Schedule your team workshop today by contacting training [@]!

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