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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

1. Real Time Stats – Know everything about your Viewlets usage.
2. One-click Publishing – Get your Viewlets up and running in a snap.
3. Protect and Share – Have one centralized location for all your Viewlet content.

Product Info

What is ViewletCentral?

ViewletCentral is a comprehensive server-based system that allows you to store, manage and deploy your Viewlets as well as gather important usage statistics.

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Why use ViewletCentral?

By using ViewletCentral, you can easily determine the effectiveness of your content and how viewers respond to them. ViewletCentral provides easy access to valuable information such as:

- The number of viewers for each Viewlet
- Average time spent by viewers on each Viewlet
- Whether a user has completed a Viewlet
- Scoring on quiz Viewlets

Plus there are more benefits including:

- One-click publishing
- One secure place to control and manage valuable content
- Easy access to content created by other authors within your Organization
- Immediate distribution of your Viewlet through one simple link

How do I learn more??

You can learn more about how ViewletCentral can add value to your organization by contacting Qarbon's sales staff at 1-855-VIEWLET or through our Contact Form.

Or, you can immediately experience the benefits of ViewletCentral by opening a Free Discovery account today.

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