Presentation Tools for Support
It didn't take us long to understand the substantial benefits Eovia could reap from using the Viewlet technology. And it didn't take us much longer to actually use ViewletBuilder and start creating Viewlets as part of the documentation of Carrara Studio 2 and Carrara 3D Basics.
-- Antoine Clappier, CEO of Eovia --

Examples of Qarbon solutions

Technical support and help desk staff use Qarbon’s presentation software to create compelling visual documentation and "how-to" tutorials so they can:
  • Lower the cost of providing support for their products by reducing the number of calls to their help desk.
  • Expand the reach of their support team with online tutorials, visual FAQs, and helpful tips.
  • Increase customer retention by providing Self-Help solutions.
Select from the following list of job functions below for examples of how Qarbon solutions can address the customer service and support needs of your organization:

I am a Manager of a Support Center
I am a Support Center Staff Member

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