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Eovia successfully integrates Viewlets into the documentation and learning environment of its leading 3D design software.

Eovia's e-learning needs
Because 3D is an abstract concept to many people, learning a new 3D tool is in and of its nature a demanding process. That is why Eovia's products stand out from the crowd: Eovia's emphasis on ease of use has allowed it flatten the learning curve and offer an immediately rewarding end-user experience.

To make end-users' introduction to the design software even more satisfying, Eovia was on the lookout for innovative technology that would allow them to create interactive training lessons that could easily be viewed online as well as offline in both Mac and Windows environments.

Eovia's QuickTour: Viewlets at work
As Antoine Clappier, CEO of Eovia explains, "It didn't take us long to understand the substantial benefits Eovia could reap from using the Viewlet technology. And it didn't take us much longer to actually use ViewletBuilder and start creating Viewlets as part of the documentation of Carrara Studio 2 and Carrara 3D Basics."
Carrara Studio 2 and Carrara 3D Basics both ship with Eovia's QuickTour, a set of interactive Viewlet tutorials created with ViewletBuilder. Each interactive lesson shows an animated view of the product being used by an advanced user, covering all aspects of production, from the basics to advanced new features.

Presentation Software

Why Viewlets add value to Eovia software
"Viewlet technology is a central part of the documentation and learning environment for Eovia's Carrara Studio 2 and Carrara 3D Basics."

Based on the simple assumption that "showing" is better than "telling", Viewlets provide Eovia's users with compelling, animated presentations that are perfect for showing how our software works. The quick creation time, user friendliness and instant viewer gratification that Viewlets provide, made this medium a natural choice for the Eovia team.
Presentation Software
Eovia Corporation at a glance
Furthering the legacy of Ray Dream and Infini-D, Eovia Corp. is the developer and publisher of Carrara Studio, Carrara 3D Basics & Amapi 3D, three leading and widely used 3D software tools on the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Products from Eovia seamlessly integrate into the design process by supporting industry standard 2D & 3D formats such as Flash, VET, 3DS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quicktime & AVI.