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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

1. Ease of use - No programming needed! Create animated content in minutes.
2. Professional Results - Creative tools contribute to the rich output!
3. Ensuring ROI - Increase the productivity of your content developers and use Viewlets to replace expensive training.

Product Information

Flexible Authoring Solutions Benefits
Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux authoring. ViewletBuilder is the only product of its type offered in Windows, Mac, or Linux versions and is the best choice for organizations that need to create Flash tutorials on multiple platforms.
Support for 11 languages. ViewletBuilder offers extensive support for multi-national organizations, with localization into 9 different languages, more than any comparable product.
Metadata support to find content quickly. Support for the eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) allows you to embed titles, descriptions and keywords into their Viewlets for fast and easy search and retrieval.

Fast, Simple Recording Benefits
Produce perfect simulations and demos. ViewletBuilder’s patented screen capture and cursor movement replication process makes it simple to reproduce the exact actions and functions of a PC application for perfect simulations and demos in minutes.
Use pre-defined or custom screen recording settings. Simplify the screen capture process with pre-defined screen capture settings for various resolution settings, from high resolution PC displays to handheld devices. Or specify the screen recording area size and position yourself for custom screen sizes.
Capture screenshots manually or automatically. Capture screens easily by letting ViewletBuilder capture screens automatically with every mouse click. You can also define any key or key combination to capture screens manually for additional control over the recording process.

Intuitive Editing Benefits
Context-sensitive toolbars. Accelerate the editing process with context-sensitive toolbars to make the editing and enhancement of your presentations and simulations fast and efficient.
Unlimited undo/redo. Unlimited undo/redo function lets you make changes with confidence and recover from editing mistakes quickly and easily.
Drag-and-drop slide editing. Intuitive drag-and-drop editing functions simplify the organization and editing process.
Preview without compiling. Save time and see your changes instantly without the need to compile your Viewlet.
Integrated spell checker. The integrated spell-checker makes it simple to eliminate spelling errors in your Viewlet content. Add new spelling dictionaries to expand spell-checker capabilities.
Export/Import Text Captions. Implement global text updates or localize Viewlet content for international audiences by exporting it and using a text processors search and replace function. When the edits are done, import your updated text back into your Viewlet.
Control cursor movement and positioning. Minimize the need to re-record slides in the event of an error in cursor placement or movement by manipulating the cursor location within existing slides.

Powerful Content Enhancement Benefits
Add text balloons, notes and titles. Add additional information or instructions to any slide in your Viewlet with text balloons, notes or free-form titles.
Use shapes or images. Add shapes to draw attention to specific areas of your slide. Insert images or shapes to illustrate actions or provide additional information.
Add voice narrations or music. Enhance the effectiveness of your Viewlets by adding pre-recorded, stereo, CD-quality audio tracks or record voice narrations directly into your Viewlets. You can also export your audio files to wav format to edit with your favorite audio tool.
Attach hyperlinks to any slide element Provide a customized viewing experience by linking any slide element to other slides, to other web pages or by launching emails.
Preview without compiling. Save time and see your changes instantly without the need to compile your Viewlet.
Save time with auto-resizing text balloons and notes. ViewletBuilder saves you time and effort during the text entry process by automatically setting the size of your text balloons and notes based on the size of your content, eliminating the need to size text elements manually.
Customize visual elements of your Viewlet. You have complete control over the visual elements of your Viewlets to:
  • Set slide background color
  • Use images for slide backgrounds
  • Define text size, color and fonts
  • Control the color and shape of text balloons
  • Manage the color and opacity of shapes
  • Set the line and fill colors of shapes
  • Define image quality
  • Use fading effects for balloons and notes
  • Specify the color palette.
Select, align and distribute multiple objects on a slide. Organize multiple Viewlet slide elements easily.
Custom Flash intros and outros. Enhance your Viewlets by adding custom Flash intros or exit segments (outros) to the beginning or end of your Viewlet.
Context-sensitive toolbars. Accelerate the editing process with context-sensitive toolbars to make the editing and enhancement of your presentations and simulations faster and more efficient.

Flexible Publishing and Playback Benefits
Publish to the Internet with Flash. It is easy to publish Viewlets to the Internet in the Flash format, making them platform-independent and accessible to the over 98% of Internet-connected computers with the Flash plug-in installed.
Deploy your Viewlets without writing complex code. ViewletBuilder makes it easy for non-programmers to publish their content to the web by automatically generating the HTML you need to quickly deploy your Viewlets on your website.
Send Viewlets via email or CDs/DVDs. Secure, compact Viewlet files are easy to attach to emails or burn onto CDs/DVDs. You can also create compressed Zip files or executable files for Windows, Mac or Linux PCs: (Windows exe; Mac HQX; Linux executables) for customers without internet connections or the Flash plug-in.
Create hard copy documentation easily. Easily produce records or documentation of your Viewlets by printing Viewlet slides directly or exporting them to Adobe Acrobat PDF format; image formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and TIFF or generating HTML pages.
Intelligent playback timing. Save time and effort by letting ViewletBuilder automatically set the timing of each slide based upon the amount of text on the slide. For added flexibility, you can also adjust the timing manually.
Control image and audio quality. Conserve bandwidth and improve download speeds by adjusting the quality of images and audio to reduce the size of the Viewlet.
Streaming playback. Allow your viewers to start seeing your content in seconds regardless of their connection speed by streaming your Viewlets to your viewers desktop.
Looping playback. Provide self-running presentations and demos for kiosks and demo stations by setting your Viewlets to loop continuously.
Customizable HTML launchers. Customize the HTML launch page for your Viewlet easily from within ViewletBuilder.

Engaging Interactivity Benefits
Incorporate questions directly into your Viewlets. Improve your viewers learning experience with multiple choice or true/false quizzes, tests, polls and survey.
Measure quiz, test, poll and survey responses. Measure your viewers learning experience by assigning scores to specific responses; reporting quiz scores via email to specified recipients; or sending them to SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems.
Provide instant success and failure messages. Enhance your viewers understanding of your content with customizable text messages or images that give instant feedback to their actions or responses.
Engage viewers with interaction. Engage your viewers by letting them interact with your Viewlets using text input, capturing individual keystrokes or mouse clicks or providing custom responses to true/false or multiple choice questions.
Use branching to provide specific responses to viewer actions. Link text or images to other slides, other Viewlets, and other web pages, even launch an email to customize your viewers experience.
Learning Management Systems (LMSs) support via SCORM. Support for SCORM standards and our integrated Manifest Generator allow you to integrate Viewlets with your organizations SCORM compliant Learning Management System.
Customize quizzes and other interactions. Gain additional control over the quizzing process by defining the length of time assigned to respond to a quiz or other interaction request, limiting the number of attempts available to the viewer and assigning individual scores to each question or event.
Use the Pause function. Provide viewers with time to review information or choose an action with the Pause function.

Engaging Interactivity Benefits
Reasonably priced support options Save with comprehensive, reasonably priced support offerings that provide excellent support regardless of the plan you select. Review our support offerings at SUPPORT PLANS and compare them to our competition.
Expert training Expand your knowledge of our products with a private Webinar Training Session. REQUEST WEBINAR.
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