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Top 3 Reasons to Buy

Real Time Stats – Know everything about your Viewlets usage.
One-click Publishing – Get your Viewlets on thr web in a snap.
Protect and Share – Have one centralized location for all your Viewlet content.

Frequently Asked Questions

ViewletCentral accounts start for FREE

The first time the user deploys a Viewlet to ViewletCentral, they must either open an account on ViewletCentral, or be given access to an existing account. The first level of ViewletCentral useage for each account is FREE. It's called a Discovery Plan. Qarbon will serve banners to a space around each Viewlet as it is viewed.

The Discovery Plan is limited to 2 Viewlets. Once the number of Viewlets is reached, the account holder is given the opportunity to begin paying a very moderate sum and upgrade the account to the next level. Once the account holder is on a paid plan, Qarbon will not serve banners to Viewlets as they are viewed from that account.

Who can access the viewlets you publish on Qarbon ViewletCentral?

Publishing your viewlets on Qarbon ViewletCentral is exactly the same as publishing them on your intranet or web site. You decide if they are public or private. You are the only one to receive the link created by ViewletCentral to access your Viewlet. We at Qarbon will never communicate such links.

For added security, you may also protect your Viewlets with a password that you will only distribute to those you want to be able to access your Viewlets.

Account Information


I have opened a ViewletCentral account. Can I add other users to this account?

Yes, of course. You can add as many users as you want in My Account. However, you will be the sole Administrator of this account. Your guests will be able to publish their Viewlets on your account and will have access to the Reports but they will not be able to modify your Plan.

During our testing of ViewletCentral, several of us users in our company have created "Discovery" accounts, and one has bought a Bronze Plan. We are now ready to buy a Gold account and would like to have all the existing accounts from our company become sub-accounts of the Gold Plan under one administrator. What is the proper procedure to merge a ViewletCentral account into another?

The "Merge" function is used to bring multiple ViewletCentral accounts into one main "Master" account controlled by one authorized administrator.

The procedure goes like this:

  1. Choose the account you wish to upgrade to be the main corporate account (in this example, "Gold").
  2. Advise of the number of accounts you wish to merge with your main account, and the login e-mail address used by each of those accounts.
  3. Qarbon support will then merge those accounts into your main account and advise you by e-mail that it is done.
  4. From then on, the administrator of the main account can manage and add users of the sub-accounts in the main account.

Note: If the main account is an unlicensed account, it can receive and merge with both unlicensed and licensed accounts.
If the main account is a licensed account, it can receive and merge with licensed accounts only. In the latter case, you have the option to convert to an unlicensed account first before initiating the process so that unlicensed accounts can be merged as well.

What if I forget my Login and/or Password?

Your Login and password are stored within your Desktop Client Software so you don't need to enter them each time you will connect to your account.
In case you re-installed our software on your computer or would like to access your account from another computer:
Your Login is your email address, so you should be able to figure it out.
Your password is whatever you have chosen. If you forgot it, click here to go to our Lost Password page.

Plans Information


Do I need to provide a credit card to open a free Discovery account?

Absolutely not! Opening a FREE account is really FREE and you can use it forever. It's only if you choose to upgrade to a Paid Plan with more viewlets and no banners on top of your viewlets that we will ask you for credit card information.

Do I get the same type of reports in the FREE Discovery account and the other Paid Plans?

Yes, reports and functions are the same. The only tangible difference is that all Viewlets viewed from a FREE Discovery Plan are banner-enabled, which means that they are displayed with a banner managed by Qarbon on top. Click here to see a banner-enabled Viewlet.

I have already purchased ViewletBuilder (or ViewletQuiz). Can I benefit from a ViewletCentral Plan?

Yes. You can subscribe to a FREE ViewletCentral Discovery Account or a Paid Plan. And start immediately enjoying real-time reporting on your viewlets' usage.

Can I open more than one FREE Discovery account?

No, you are only allowed to open one FREE Discovery account. Trying to open more than one FREE Discovery account might lead us to cancel all of your accounts.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you try the service and decide it is not for you, choose My Account under the Account option in the top menu. At the bottom of the page you will find a "Cancel Plan" button. However, you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of your current Plan's paid membership fee. Your account will be switched to "Free Discovery" after you confirm cancellation, and we will keep your account open and accessible, but you will not be billed again.


Publishing Information


How can I publish my Viewlets from the ViewletCentral web site?

You can publish Viewlets only from one of our desktop software (ViewletBuilder or ViewletQuiz). This is why you have no such choice in the interface of the ViewletCentral web site.

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