FAQs - ViewletQuiz

Getting Started
  • What is ViewletQuiz?
  • Who should use ViewletQuiz?
  • Is ViewletQuiz an add-on product we must pay for or is it included as an upgrade?
  • There are many other quizzing tools out there. Why should I choose ViewletQuiz?
  • What are the minimum system requirements to run ViewletQuiz?
  • Is there a trial version? If so, does the trial version provide the same features as the purchased version?
  • I have Quiz Viewlets with watermarks. How can I remove them?
  • Does ViewletQuiz require any additional plug-ins?
  • How do I register ViewletQuiz?
  • Can I deactivate a license to move it to a different computer?
  • How can I get additional help on ViewletQuiz?

Creating Projects
  • What is the purpose of the Start Page that displays when opening ViewletQuiz?
  • What question types does ViewletQuiz support?
  • Can I set a time limit for users to answer each question?
  • Can I embed sounds, images and movies in my Viewlets? If so, what file formats are supported?
  • Can I create a custom slide size and save it for new projects?
  • Does ViewletQuiz support background soundtracks?
  • Can sounds play independently in a project?

Project File Basics
  • What are the files and folders that make up my ViewletQuiz projects?
  • Can I open ViewletBuilder Project files inside ViewletQuiz?
  • Does ViewletQuiz create backup files or have an auto save feature?

Using the Browser
  • What capabilities does the browser in ViewletQuiz provide?

Using Stylesheets
  • What is a Stylesheet?
  • Where are the Stylesheets stored?
  • Which object properties can be defined using Stylesheets?
  • Our company must standardize on a Corporate Stylesheet and we have multiple authors. How can we all use the same Stylesheet? Can Stylesheets be imported?

Working with Slides
  • What is the maximum number of question slides I can have?
  • Can I place more than one question in a slide?
  • Is there a quick way to re-order my slides?
  • Can I import question slides from another project?
  • How can I control the timing of my question slides?
  • Can I export slides to the Question Mark format?
  • What is the Zoom Slider?
  • What is a Timeline?
  • Can I add presenter or author notes to slides?
  • Can I modify multiple slide background images at the same time?

Working with Messages
  • What are messages?
  • How many messages can I insert in a slide?
  • Can I control the timing of my messages?
  • What customization features are provided for messages?

Interactivity and Animation
  • For each question in my quiz, what actions can I insert for correct, incorrect and incomplete answers?
  • Can I insert multiple actions for a single event?
  • Can I add sounds to slides?
  • What sound file formats are supported?
  • In ViewletBuilder there is a " s ound palette", however I can't see that same functionality in ViewletQuiz. Does ViewletQuiz allow voice-over?
  • Can buttons be added to any slide?
  • Can I add a pause function to a slide?
  • What Events and Actions are available in ViewletQuiz?

Publishing your Viewlet
  • What does "publishing" a Viewlet mean?
  • How do I publish a Viewlet?
  • What is a ViewletSkin?
  • How is the Table of Contents displayed in the Viewlet? What information is included in it?
  • Where can I add author information for my Viewlet?
  • Can I compile in different languages?
  • Where are the compiled Viewlets saved?
  • What is an executable Viewlet file? How do I create it?
  • Can I remove the repeat button from the Viewlet's player bar?
  • Where do I enter Viewlet Options prior to publishing?
  • Does ViewletQuiz display a Viewlet's publishing history?

  • We need flexibility to gather data on our own servers. Is ViewletQuiz only compatible with ViewletCentral?
  • Is ViewletQuiz AICC and SCORM 2004 compliant?
  • How do I obtain scoring results?

Connecting to ViewletCentral
  • I can access my ViewletCentral account from the internet, but having trouble connecting to the ViewletCentral server from ViewletQuiz. What could be the problem?

Error Messages
  • During Activation - "Over Allowed Limit"
  • Due to the security settings of your Flash Player plugin, some advanced features of this Viewlet are disabled.
  • You can not publish to a Licensed ViewletCentral account from an Unlicensed version of ViewletQuiz.
  • The project you are attempting to open was created using an unlicensed version of ViewletQuiz that is installed on another computer. In order to work with this project on your computer, you must first purchase a license for the other computer and activate it, then open and resave the project there.
  • The licensed project you are trying to open cannot be opened with unlicensed versions of ViewletQuiz. Please visit our online store to purchase ViewletQuiz.