Product Comparison Detail

Check out the table below for an in-depth product feature comparison of ViewletBuilder Professional, ViewletBuilder Enterprise, ViewletCam, ViewletQuiz and Composica. For an overall comparison of all of our products, please click here.

     Product Comparison Detail
Product Feature  
Tutorials, user guides, FAQs, Chat, Phone and email support
Authoring Environments            
Windows 2000/2003/XP  
Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 (32 & 64-bit)  
International Language Support  
Viewlet Management            
Integration with ViewletCentral  
Integration with an LMS  
Browser panel for quick access to all resources  
SCORM 1.2  
SCORM 2004  
AICC Compliance  
PENS Compliance  
Section 508 Capabilities  
XMP Compliance  
Onscreen Capture / Recording            
Patented static screen capture process  
Full-motion screen capture process  
Full-screen capture mode  
Define dimensions and position of capture window  
Screen capture optimization for mobile devices  
Define any hotkey for capturing screens  
Capture screens by individual mouse-click  
Project Editing            
Stylesheets: Save valuable time setting up custom styles
Format Painter  
Search and replace
Undo/Redo capabilities  
Toolbars for easy, one-click editing  
Slide/frame management  
Cursor management and positioning  
Insert customizable text objects  
Automatic resizing of text objects  
Adjust playback speed   N/A
Adjust slide/frame timing below default minimum   N/A
Export/Import text captions for easy editing and localization
Audio Recording & Playback            
Import audio files (WAV, RAW, AIF, AU)  
Import audio files (MP3)  
Record voice-over  
All audio recorded at CD-quality  
Audio recording setup preferences  
Create external WAV or MP3 files  
Key Features & Benefits            
Drop Shadows on Elements  
Macros for faster editing of projects  
Resize & Crop Projects  
Import PowerPoint Project Wizard  
Imported PowerPoint content is Fully Editable  
Task Management System  
Master Layer & Theme-Based Authoring  
Asset Library Shared Across All Courses  
Social Learning (Blogs, Comments, RSS, Ratings)  
Mashup Widgets (YouTube, Google Charts, etc)  
Question & Answer Choice Randomization  
Flash-based Assessment Games  
Ability to Tag Courses, Media Elements, Etc.  
Embedded Video Support (FLV, etc)  
Element Animations and Slide Transitions  
Web-based Interface for Authoring (IE Only)  
Popout Highlight Tools  
Zoom and Pan Tools  
Import and Play Videos in SWF or FLV format  
Insert unlimited design objects per slide/page  
Set individual timing and display duration of objects  
Set time limit on individual quiz questions  
Set time limit on entire quiz  
Color palette for text & objects  
Import images as (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIFF)  
Import images as (SVG)  
Import images into presentation (TGA)  
Import images as background layer  
Insert blank slides/pages to create a presentations  
Define background color  
Insert customizable shapes  
Insert Rollover  
Create free drawn shapes  
Adjust shape color, transparency, and borders  
Select multiple objects  
Edit HTML of launch page within program  
Highlights, Mattes and Arrows  
Link to other webpages, files, etc.  
Launch local e-mail client  
Link to other Viewlets  
Add Branching capabilities based on viewer input  
Insert Pause Zones or Stop Elements  
Insert Scored Text Zones  
Insert Scored ClickZones  
Insert Scored KeyStroke Zones  
Insert Action - Play Sound  
Insert Action - Play Flash Animations / Movies  
Insert Action - Run JavaScript  
Insert Action - Display/Hide Object  
Insert Events - OnClick, OnRollover, OnLoad, etc  
Insert Action - Display/Hide Object  
Supports Survey Style Questions   Basic
Add Short Answer - Selection from List questions  
Add Short Answer - Rating questions  
Add Short Answer - Essay questions  
Add Short Answer - Fill-in-the-blank questions  
Add Multiple Choice/Single Answer questions  
Add Multiple Choice/Multiple Answers questions  
Add Multiple Choice/Fill-in-the-Blank questions  
Add Multiple Choice/Selection from List questions  
Add Multiple Choice/Rating questions  
Add Multiple Choice/True - False questions  
Add Click Map questions  
Add Drag & Drop questions  
Add Likert questions  
Receive scored/survey viewer responses via e-mail  
Collect scores in real-time on ViewletCentral  
Insert optional success/error events  
Timeout feature for interactive zones  
Assign any keystroke to submit text zone input  
Password field display mask for text zones  
Table of Contents with access to selected slides  
Scale presentations  
Adjust image quality in output  
Adjust fading effects for balloons & notes  
Integrate Flash intros and endings  
Integrate customized Flash Viewlet skins   N/A
Edit HTML of launch page outside of program  
Select different player bar/skin options   N/A
Loop mode   N/A
Export to Flash 6 (MX)  
Export to Flash 7 (MX)  
Export to Flash 8 (MX)  
Export slides as image files (BMP)  
Export to HTML  
Send Viewlets/Courses via e-mail  
Publishing Wizard  
Deploy Viewlets/Courses on the Web  
Play Viewlets/Courses on CDs  
Play Viewlets/Courses from your computer  
Export as an executable file for Windows  
Export as an executable file for Mac  
Export as a executable file for Linux  
Export slides/pages to PDF or Word  
Export to AVI or FLV (Video Output)  
Export as animated GIFs  
Print slides directly from program  
Export as a ZIP package  
Export slides/pages as (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF)  
Publish directly YouTube