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ViewletBuilder allows RIM to offer a flexible learning experience that caters to various learning styles.

At Research in Motion®, our pursuit of world-class e-learning is founded on an understanding of the needs and goals of our learners. Designing courseware with a focus on learners means producing simple, flexible content that accommodates various learning styles.

Some individuals are "tell me" learners, who learn best by reading a list of steps. Most people are "show me" learners, who prefer to learn in a simulated application environment and rely on visual queues to understand new skills or concepts. Lastly, there are "let me" learners, who need to engage a new idea or skill by actually trying it out. The most effective learning occurs when an individual engages material in a comprehensive fashion and can benefit from the strengths of all three styles of learning.
Watch this Viewlet to see how Viewlet Builder allows RIM to offer a flexible learning experience that caters to all three learning styles.

Presentation Software

With Viewlet Builder it's a quick process to convert "show me" Viewlets to "let me" Viewlets. New Viewlets can be created quickly using portions of existing Viewlets, which supports RIM's evolution towards a reusable learning object repository. Viewlet Builder makes it easy for RIM to meet its training commitments and provide the best possible e-learning resources available.