Case Studies

Presentation Software
Oracle is the world's leading supplier of software for information management and the world's second largest independent software company. As part of its B2B rebirth, Oracle integrated Qarbon's Viewlet technology, as a key component throughout its website and Intranet, to show how Oracle tools help companies vie for customers against top competitors.

An Oracle executive, stated, "Viewlets presented a unique opportunity to the e-Marketing group here at Oracle by giving us the ability to have precanned demos online. The ease of use for viewers and authors, the ridiculously small file size, and the fact that it loads without a plug-in made it the clear choice for quick and easy deployment."

Evolving e-Business Strategies
In today's global economy, e-business needs constantly change, and Viewlets adapt. Oracle knows this, "Once we started using Viewlets to demo products, the potential uses for the product just expanded from there. We have sales reps using these to store demos to show to clients, we have education folks using them to instruct classes, and we have our own marketing folks learning how to use our e-Marketing systems by watching Viewlet training."
Partners in Technology
Unlike other co-branded partnerships, Oracle and Qarbon's symbiosis transcends Viewlets. Qarbon's CEO, participated in a "Geek of the Week" interview-hosted by the E-Business Network sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network.

OpenWorld Exhibition & Beyond
The future looks bright for Viewlets. That's why Oracle, highly impressed this technology, persuaded Qarbon to participate in Oracle's OpenWorld 2000--the largest e-business conference of its kind. This conference addresses the way today's companies are using internet-based technologies and information to fundamentally change the way they do business.

Oracle is now one of Qarbon's Global License customers, which means that anyone in the whole company can reap the benefits of Viewlets. As Oracle explains, "Viewlets have become a key component of Oracle's award winning guided selling strategy. By the time the sales rep sits down with the customer, the customer already knows a lot about our product. This shortens the sales cycle and helps Oracle sell more while spending less."