Case Studies

Christian Freeware Developers

Lynn Allan, Software Developer, with wife CandaceChristian Freeware Developers - Reaching out to the World with Viewlets.

Lynn Allan is a software developer who creates Christian freeware designed to promote Bible study for users all around the world.

Because a great majority of users are non-technical, it was necessary for Lynn to develop comprehensive tutorials on how to use the software. However, these alone were not sufficient to address the needs of non-native English speakers. Lynn then found the perfect solution - Viewlets.

Viewlets make it easy for Lynn to communicate the many valuable features of the software. In addition, Viewlets provide professional looking visual tutorials that changed the common perception that freeware tends to be of mediocre quality.

“Potential downloaders of freeware tend to have a justifiable perception that you get what you pay for. The availability of a Viewlet conveys that the overall application was developed to professional quality standards, rather than being something thrown together by a hobbyist...” states Lynn Allan.

Christian Freeware Developers

By using Viewlets, the likelihood of end-users adopting the software increases dramatically while also enhancing the skills of non-technical end users. As a Christian software developer, Lynn finds this a very rewarding experience.