Case Studies

Paul TustainViewlets Deliver Powerful Demonstrations of BullionVault's Online Service. is an Internet-based service enabling individuals to buy, store, and sell professional quality physical gold bullion - in any size, starting at one gram. Previously the professional bullion markets had been very inaccessible to private investors. operates a public, gold-dealing order board accessed over the Internet and attracts customers by demonstrating the value, integrity and ease-of-use of the service. But it could be a big leap for most customers to get to grips with an order board.

To begin with the intricacies of trading were addresses with comprehensive help pages and FAQ. But something which demanded less user effort was required. Now BullionVault uses Viewlets - and they are proving much more effective.

BullionVault's COO, Alex Edwards comments on how challenging it was to convey the power and benefits of their on-line service through words and help text alone. After evaluating ViewletCam, he knew he had found the right solution. “Prior to choosing Qarbon, we undertook a comprehensive survey and evaluation of numerous presentation software options - both open-source and commercial. For a cost-effective and rapid quality results, ViewletCam was hard to beat and a delight to use… ”

In only a matter of minutes, a reasonable demo was created. In a "couple of days", his team mastered the software to create a sophisticated presentation. ViewletCam's ease of use to record and edit dynamic presentations and being able to quickly convert them into professional looking demonstrations brought on more value than they had ever anticipated.

Paul Tustain - BullionVault's founder - comments “Most software products seem to force you into doing things their way. When I saw how Viewlets integrated, with a seamless extension of our own look and feel, I appreciated that this really is a very neat product. And my other two criteria - development speed and price - put it right up there with some of the very best.”

Within two weeks of implementing the ViewletCam demos, BullionVault started to see a steady stream of new users and a jump in funded accounts. Undoubtedly, the Viewlet demos were effectively communicating the value of and it's benefits.

BullionVault plans to continue using Qarbon tools to develop more advanced on-line tutorials in order to meet the demands from the continued growth of their business. They see ViewletCam as an invaluable tool for companies offering Internet-based services and recommend the use of Qarbon products to anyone who wants to see quality results at a very reasonable price. “We believe our Viewlets are so compelling that we have prominently linked to them from our front-page,” says Alex Edwards.