About Us

Founded in 1997, Qarbon is the leading publisher of innovative Presentation Software and the originator of patented Viewlet technology. Viewlets are powerful, easily implemented, Flash enabled animated presentations that enhance the effectiveness of online marketing, employee training and customer support.

"Present anything easily" has been the focus of Qarbon's products for more than 6 years. With over 20 million Viewlets® watched every month and a customer base that includes 51 percent of the Fortune 100, Qarbon is a premier supplier of Presentation Software to customers in the business, government and education markets worldwide.

A Story of Innovation
Qarbon's invention in 1998 of a groundbreaking screen-capture animation process revolutionized the way in which online demonstrations are created. Web-based presentations that were easy to make and easy to watch became a reality for individuals and enterprises alike. The result was a transformation of the way in which online training, support and marketing content is created and delivered over the Web.

Looking to the Future
Qarbon is now part of the new publishing revolution, working to make fast, simple, visually rich information available to anyone, anywhere, on any device. The scale and intensity of information exchanges in businesses and in everyday life is ever increasing. To succeed, enterprises will not only utilize production professionals to package and distribute the knowledge of others, but will empower subject matter experts themselves to efficiently disseminate know-how in formats that are easily accessible to their audiences. The first Worldwide success of a Presentation Software was MS-PowerPoint. Our Presentation Software extends the reach of users.

Qarbon offers an expanding, comprehensive line of products and services for both enterprises and individuals. The common theme of all products is top quality design and ease of use enabling anyone to create, manage, and deliver visually rich, compelling, and reliable content.